Our Expertise

More Than 18 Years of Experience - Design and Provide Power Solutions to End Customers.
OUR Vision

Pursuit of Perfection

To be a world class manufacturer in the power market supplying first-choice product required by customers. Our mission is supplying good quality products to our customers at a highly competitive price and fast delivery.

Specialized Manufacturer of Quality & Reliable Power Distribution Systems

PPB specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality and reliable products which meet customers' requirements.

Our products are built to last and produced under a fully automated production line to ensure consistency and high quality. By producing at optimal capacity, we are able to provide our clients at the most reasonable cost. Regardless of the scale of the project or specifications, our clients can expect nothing less than our utmost dedication and a truly functional solution. 
Product Development
We consistently improve our product design and bringing up new product to meet customer needs. All new design will be sent to reliable third party testing house for testing to ensure upmost product quality to meet customer satisfaction. 
Manufacturing Standard
We are fully comply with regulations as per ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and KEMA KEUR as the standard manufacturing procedure.
Innovation Management
We are creative in introducing new ideas to improve our products, organization and business process.
WHy us ? 

How We Work

We strive to maintain the best product quality at competitive pricing.
Cost Competitive
Quality & reliable products at highly competitive prices.
Fully Certified & Tested
Our busduct systems are fully tested and certified by DEKRA.
Fast Delivery
Ensure items delivered in the way that best suits your needs.
Quality Assurance
Commit to provide consistent quality product to customers. 
Over 18 Years Of Experiences Since 2001
Metres Production Each Day
Over 4000 Projects Completed Wordwide
Over 50 Millions Revenue Every Year
About Us
PPB specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality busway trunking system and conduit. 
Our Culture
We're dedicated to inspire our employees to create positive attitude for continual self-improvement.
Career Opportunity
Start your career with our attractive employment opportunities.

The Stamp of Trust

We commit to customer by supplying high quality products and fast delivery consistently. All products are designed and manufactured by PPB has gone through comprehensive, testing and auditing process by well-known certification body. Apart from product certification, PPB also obtain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and KEMA KEUR to meet global market requirements.
Innovation, Dedication and a Commitment to our customers.
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